ukrainians need Your help


The Parish is directing its efforts to help and welcome refugees from Ukraine to Kelowna.

The Parish will do that by:

  • supporting those who are providing accommodation with the extras,

  • creating welcoming relationships, and

  • help assimilation into our community.

The funds raised by our Parish through frozen food sales, monthly dinners and financial donations is to support refugee families in the community.

We are going to support financially and otherwise their ability to get food, pay rent, buy clothing and any reasonable needs they may have. Any refugee regardless of affiliation will be able to access support and funding through us for connection and help to settle themselves into our community.

There are many ways to donate funds that locally, provincially, and nationally can help send money and resources to Ukraine and we encourage everyone to raise awareness and send donations through reputable avenues.

We will however through our Parish be committed to helping locally.

Donate Your treasure

Parish - donations stay in the community. Tax deductible donation receipt upon request.

Canadian Ukrainian Foundation - donations go to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. Tax deductible donation.

We have limited storage space, so we ask if you sign up with this form, you will be canvassed when we require specific items, such as clothing for 3-5 year old girls, or a microwave, etc.

Canvassing for Possessions Signup Form

Donate Your Time

Volunteer your time to help refugees when they arrive.

Signup to Volunteer Form

Donate Your skills

Volunteer your skills to help a refugee when they arrive in our community.

Signup to Volunteer Form