Memorial service

What should one bring for the Memorial Service?

The following provides a list of recommended items, remembering that our prayers are the primary purpose of the service.

  • Kolach (1, 2 or 3)

  • Koliva – a dish of honey-sweetened boiled wheat kernels with raisins and/or chopped nuts

  • Grapes and other fruits or sweets

  • Purchase candles – one for the kolach, the remaining for the family members in attendance

  • Red sweet wine, which will be used at a later date for Holy Communion

Typically, after the Memorial Service, the family hosts a small reception in the church hall inviting parishioners to join in remembering the departed.

When do we pray for the departed?

  • On specially designated days:

    • on Saturdays during Great Lent (before Easter)

    • Meatfare Saturday

    • Saturday before the Pentecost

    • Saturday before Feast Day of St. Demetrius (in November)

  • During Liturgy - Write their name(s) on the special form provided on the tall stand near the candle table at the entry to the church and pass along to Fr. Ihor before the Liturgy or leave in the basket by the icon on the Tetrapod (the table at the front of the church)

  • On the anniversary of their passing